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Weatherly announced his exit in January and will last appear on the Season 13 finale May 17.

’s charming, witty and sometimes wild Tony Di Nozzo in the season finale, which airs May 17 on CBS. All of it,” says Weatherly, who admits he first decided to leave after his costar Cote de Pablo exited the show in Season 11. And I wanted to spend time with my family.”What should viewers expect to see in the teary finale?

By the end of the episode, the Bishop boys - and the audience - will discover the truth, and the identity of Bishop's S.

It's someone who Bishop has had a strong friendship with for a while, so I liked that aspect to it. I don't think anyone will really expect it, because it's not someone who's really been around all that much."Catch up on all this week's Mega Buzz!

It can be recalled that Tony decided to leave the team after discovering that he and Ziva had a daughter named Tali.

It might have been a difficult decision for him, but he wanted to focus on his relationship with Tali..

Weatherly has played special agent Anthony Di Nozzo on the CBS procedural for all 13 seasons, since the beginning of the show in 2003.

However, Weatherly will stay in the CBS family, as he’s starring in a new drama pilot, titled “Bull,” which is inspired by the early career of Dr.

We cannot exactly say we blame him for wanting to find a new gig for himself, though.Staff writer Aubry D’Arminio talked the star, along with showrunner Gary Glasberg and cast members, for this exclusive interview on his departure from CBS’s most successful franchise, and what’s in store next.“It’s an epic time for me, personally, professionally, emotionally. He goes on to say, “I felt I’d stayed at the party for too long, and then the wanderlust set in. Glasberg tells us the episode had to reflect Weatherly’s presence on the show since Day 1.“The episode had to show Tony in all the different ways we’ve come to love him…we’ve come up with some real heart-wrenching moments.”Fast-forward to the upcoming pilot for ), potentially set to air on CBS this fall.Showrunner Gary Glasberg, however, recently revealed Ziva will influence Tony Di Nozzo's (Weatherly) decision to leave the agency."Tony's relationship with Ziva absolutely will have an impact on his reason to depart," Glasberg told E! "There's no part of Tony Di Nozzo that Ziva David isn't a part of." "She's a huge aspect of who his character is, so it would be unfair and wrong to write this episode, to produce this episode and not have her character be a part of it," he added.

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