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The journey I am going to ask you to take, however, won’t be a vacation. You see, for you to go on this journey, I need you to reflect upon a moment in your life when you were surviving a trial—a painful, discouraging trial wherein you experienced intense suffering.

I need you to go back to how you felt in the midst of the darkness, the loneliness, and the anger, back to the moment when you felt you could no longer endure the heartache.

I determined that in order to keep up in terms of the gospel, I was going to need to roll up my sleeves and rededicate myself to the work—early retirement didn’t seem to be an option.

Indeed, if I needed to “lengthen my stride” to accept President Spencer W.

It is under these inhospitable conditions that I reverently contemplate Jesus willingly entering the Garden of Gethsemane to suffer for the sins of all mankind.

It is difficult to imagine how He felt at that exact moment. But in the end, the cup did not pass.1 “I stand all amazed”2 at the Lord’s response as recorded in Luke : “Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” This means Jesus willingly submitted to the will of the Father in order to fulfill the need for an Atonement.

I am really proud of all that this great collegial group has accomplished. BYU Is a Special Place For me, being employed at any institution of higher education would be a noble calling.

Those of us associated with American higher education get to wake up every workday with an extra­ordinary opportunity to advance the greater good of society.

I later became a “double Cougar” when I graduated with the third class of BYU’s law school.We have been happily married for nearly forty-two years.All of our four children graduated from BYU and married fellow Cougars.One of my most treasured mementos from the law school is a photograph of Rex E. In my view, Rex was the finest lawyer of his generation.As an undergraduate student at BYU, I met my wonderful wife, Dottie, in a BYU family home evening group.

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