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It doesn’t matter what shenanigans are pulled on me by the bullies that surround us.

In a world of great uncertainty, in the end, Almighty God is all that we have.

Knowing the discomfort that I was about to experience, I dreaded going to my favorite Catholic church this year for Mother’s Day.

Frankly, I was pretty annoyed about it — and confused. I even thought (briefly) of not going to Mass at all. We Catholics have a Holy Day of Obligation on Sundays and other special days.

The Catholic Church has always held that while family is marvelous, a life of chastity is a much higher calling. Paul tells the church men to stay with their wives if they are married.

Some women have miscarriages, the deaths of their long-awaited babies. For them, Mother’s Day can be a day of great sorrow and regret, especially if they didn’t go on to birth a child.While I was certain that there would be Mother’s Day hoopla (and there was), I was less likely to encounter the bereft countenances of the Berkeley casualties. We were heading into the final prayer when the priest announced, “Let’s have all of the mothers stand up.” This is when I grabbed my purse and hightailed it out of there. And I’d like to offer some of my own prayers on this Mother’s Day. And I also pray for the women who have been in a motherly role, perhaps through nursing and teaching. In essence, I pray for all women today, particularly those without children, who may be feeling sad and blue and left out. The hotel did have a couple of computers in the lobby. It said that due to objectionable content, this site could not accessed. Given that there isn’t a single obscenity in my peaceful postings, certainly I hadn’t been banned in Berkeley and everywhere else. The freedom that Americans once possessed has gone up in smoke.Know that your life has great value and purpose, even if you never were a mother. He told me that he’d try to rebuild the entire site from the inside out. But I tried the other computer, and got the same response. (1) Pope Paul VI once made a similar illusion to smoke.Instead of celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Sacrifice, the priest turned to the topic of Mother’s Day. He thanked them profusely for bringing a new life into the world. By having the mothers singled out through standing, the seated non-mothers were also singled out.To the surprise of many, the ushers then went around and gave the mothers roses. That’s when I saw the face of one, 50-something woman.

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