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A penis is a penis, circumised or not it will still do what it was made to do have been enjoying with cut penis because I love and like, it is natural truth that every girls or womens want cleanness specially when she is going to take any things in their sweet mouth for eating or sucking,therefore,girls prefer cut penis for sucking, it is hard and stay long period in my yoni(choot) and long errection and ready for next trip.

I just like toches of a circumised penis is better look like well dressed boy or better.guess as long as his circumissed penis is clean and stuffs it does not really matter.

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Before I knew what was happening, it was squirting on my head, the floor, my arm and my hands. We eventualy talked again and I actually saw it again. His penis is strong and fate am sure her wife enjoying every inch of his penis pleasure.

I found that I could easily control my stepbrother. A couple of months ago, I was walking around in the house in just my underwear, and I was feeling really horny. I touched and fondled it and he got this glazed look in his eyes. When he was 5 or 6, My mother started to pull down his pants and fondle him, "just to make sure he's growing properly." This became a regular ritual. His penis is strong and fate am sure her wife enjoying every inch of his penis pleasure. Some time play with my hands ,some time play with my tonque. Roxannei see my small brother's penis several time when my he need to change cloth. he kept asking to see it and i let him.started playing with and asked what it tasted like i said idk and he just put hi smouth on it. me and my bro was looking at porn and out of the blue is suck my co*k so i was 16 he was 20 his co*k was about 13in i was sucking and then my other bro came he is 15 he told me what is going on so i told him and he wanted his dick sucked too so i was like ok that day i got fu*ked soo hard in my ass it bros was mooneing after that day we have grope sex all the time. Anonymouswhen i was 14 my 5 yocousin caught me jacking off.I took an ice cube out of my drink and dropped it down his shirt. I grabbed it and this time walked over nonchalantly dropped it down his shorts. I jumped up, sat on his chest and put my hand on the bulge. I whispered that I wouldn't tell anyone and that I just wanted to know what it looked like. I pulled his shorts down, reached in his underwear and touched it. I took it out and stared at it, mesmerized by its shape, size and hardness. I couldn't keep myself from laughing at it, and I said "eww, I would never even touch that c*ck, seriously, a 5 year old boy could give me more pleasure than you" then I just walked away, and he's been trying to avoid me as much as possible since then. I probably saw it when I was small, but didn't think about it until I was about 11 or 12 and he was 14 or 15. Why because it is one of the most intimate things, I.I kind of played with it and told him it was my "toy." We were interrupted by my mother when she called downstairs, so he pulled his shorts back up. One day my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him if I can see his penis. I asked again and told him I just want to see what it looks like; that I wouldn't tell anyone else, etc (I guess I lied). Can do for my boyfriend,that some times does not require for him and do any thing in return,iy is the ultimate acceptance of him as his oh oh ah ah and it is very pleasure too when hear his that

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