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Add a new action and choose Variables – Initialize Variable.

Rename it to Set Client Secret Note: If the client secret has symbols in it like a , you will see the following error: This error occurs because we need to encode the key to account for these characters.

encode Uri Component(‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx’) 3. Rename it to Set Tenant ID As described above, we need to take the client ID and tenant ID and join them together to get our access token.

If you did it right, the concat function will now have a reference to that variable as shown in the 3rd image below.

This time though, instead of typing in a value, click the expression tab to the right.

This tells the web service to expect the rest of the data we send to be in a single string where name/value pairs are separated by the ampersand (&), and names are separated from values by the equals symbol (=).

Having the advantage of an 11-year run on television, Swit's Houlihan became a significantly more developed character than originally portrayed in the film by Kellerman, in many ways demonstrating characteristics that would have been almost antithetical to the cinematic Hot Lips.

Call this variable Client Secret, make it a string and set its value to the Client Secret from the application principal.

If everything has worked, you should see a string that looks like the second image below…

You have just done something quite tricky and usually the realm of developers.

Inside the payload, our doorman is expecting the following parameters: Our first few flow steps will create variables to store the parameters we need, and then we will try to get past our virtual doorman with a correctly formed HTTP request.

It should have a trigger and one action – the create item action used to write the new coffee stop to Share Point.

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