Importance of body language in dating

You would probably turn your body away slightly and fold your arms across your chest.You would frustrate conversation by responding only when necessary, and then with only a yes or no.Personally, I have begun to see these general non-verbal behaviors from my partner as "green lights" positive body language and "red lights" negative body language.When I see "green lights" body language from my partner, I keep going with what I am doing or asking.After all, the idea is to see whether you've had an emotional effect on a desired partner. In general, nonverbal communication is usually an honest display of feelings much more so than words.So, below I am going to teach you how to read basic body language for dating and persuasion success.

Lift your chin slightly to make eye contact easier, and straighten your shoulders to let people know you are alert and open to meeting them.But what are some of the other clues you can send to let a member of opposite sex know you find them attractive?Your posture, how you position your body in relation to theirs, touch, and facial expression are all ways that can communicate openness or disinterest.Only the densest person would fail to get the message.Your body language has said it all, without a word being spoken.

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