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His latest show, is now on display at Lazarides Newcastle.

I don’t know if there’s anything left of my influence in up-and-comers; having started that long ago, with my influence having been present probably in the generation that precedes today’s new crop of writers.The more extreme and peripheral margins of hip-hop or graffiti have actually helped in channeling energy which would definitely have been misspent, to the detriment of all of us, had hip-hop itself not existed.Check back tomorrow for Part II of this interview with Mode 2.[Caution: the following feature contains mature imagery that may not be safe for work or young eyes.] Chris Osburn: Care to talk a little about your artist-in-residence stint at Coco de Mer, where you painted customers from the vantage point of a cubby-hole in the changing rooms? How was it similar/different to working on a piece of street art?Mode 2: My relationship with Coco de Mer goes back to December 2004, when I made a proposal to Samantha Roddick about doing some art projects together.

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