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What I did find on my travels, however, were some fascinating snippets relating to the creation of the Poldark book saga and the wonderful TV series, returning this Sunday (series 4) on BBC1.

I discovered that the creator of the Poldark books, Winston Graham, had another family name in mind originally for his 18th-century hero – an outrageous idea!

He stays in one of the suites, and having been sworn to secrecy, I can’t reveal which one.

A friendly hotel receptionist did admit, however, that Turner, true to form, prefers to keep a low profile and takes breakfast in his suite.

So it stands to reason you have to see one of these sites.

From here, the drive north to St Ives was equally stunning through rough, wild moorland dotted with farms without boundaries so that signs warn you of livestock wandering across the main road.

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Would I meet rural folk lugging scythes and imploring me to “have a care! Or find that the famous Cornish pasty is now shaped like a tricorn hat?This harbour is used for many of the scenes of old Truro in the TV series.Most of the main locations, however, are in the southwest and north coasts and can easily be covered in a couple of days.Everyone seems to have their own take on the Poldark phenomenon.There’s even a tiny hamlet between Roche and Bodmin called Demelza, and while it’s tempting to think it was renamed perhaps in memory of the Poldark creations, in fact Graham had visited this tiny place in the 1940s and liked the name (meaning ‘Thy sweetness’) so much, he gave it to his heroine.

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    Another distinguished area is the rooftop garden, which includes two open-air spaces and a glass pavilion where a rotating selection of indoor and outdoor sculpture is on display.

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