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You need a prop stand for watching video, but a tripod-friendly stand for video capture without the hand shake.

That stand for watching video may not allow your phone to stand vertically for video calling, so that’s another stand or a tired hand holding your device for each call.

Media makers, just like you and me, have already given these guys way more than dough they needed to get their vision up and running.

The role of the phone has changed significantly since smartphones entered the mainstream.

Imagine all that broken spells in future expansions.

Some of those features, in particular watching media and shooting photos or video, can benefit from having a stand or tripod.

But in a lot of cases you end up having multiple add-ons for different scenarios.

Looking for an easy and elegant way to mount your i Phone 4 on a tripod? Sure, there’s a few awesome i Phone camera grips out there, but most offer tripod connectivity as a secondary feature. The GLIF’s designers, Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost, decided to seek public funding by posting their idea on — a site that helps independent projects raise cash. You can still surf over to their fund raising page anytime before November 2nd (pm Eastern) and pledge your own green.

GLIF is a new i Phone tripod mount (i Phone 4 only) that doubles as a handy-dandy table-top stand. But, as cool as this accessory may be, the story of its creation is even cooler! If that’s not a testament to the future of mobile filmmaking, I don’t know what is!

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