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The new Gregorian calendar dropped ten days from the month of October for the first year only, to get back in sync with the solar cycle.It also retained the leap year every four years, century years not divisible by 400 (to keep the accumulation problem from recurring).Some countries, such as China, did not adopt the calendar until the 1900's.For each country in which we research, it is important to know on what date the Gregorian calendar came into effect.

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To remedy the deficiencies in the Julian calendar, Pope Gregory XIII replaced the Julian calendar with the Gregorian calendar (named after himself) in 1582.Most countries write out a date as month-day-year, while in the United States the day is commonly written before the month.This makes little difference when the dates are written out, as in the above examples, but when you run across a date written 7/12/1969 it is hard to know whether it refers to July 12th or December 7th.Other calendars you may encounter in your research include the Hebrew calendar, the Islamic calendar and the Chinese calendar.Different parts of the world record dates differently.

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