Free 100 foot fetish dating

" (步步生蓮), a reference to the Buddhist legend of Padmavati under whose feet lotus springs forth.

It was practiced in China from the Song dynasty (10th-century) until the early 20th century, and bound feet were considered a status symbol as well as a mark of beauty.wrote the first known criticism of the practice: "Little girls not yet four or five years old, who have done nothing wrong, nevertheless are made to suffer unlimited pain to bind [their feet] small.I do not know what use this is." The earliest archaeological evidence for foot binding dates to the tombs of Huang Sheng, who died in 1243 at the age of 17, and Madame Zhou, who died in 1274.Walking on bound feet necessitated bending the knees slightly and swaying to maintain proper movement and balance, a dainty walk that was also considered erotic to some men.However, many women with bound feet were still able to walk and work in the fields, albeit with greater limitation than their non-bound counterparts.

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