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to learn English after coming from Moscow, Russia just three years before we met.

We exchanged phone numbers that night and Val called me the next morning to invite me to lunch. At 18 years old and not having dated much, I wasn't looking for "the one." After our initial date, we had a courtship over the phone for four months before I ever saw him again, but on that faithful second date in Fredericton, New Brunswick, my heart was all in. We'd both been working since we were 5 years old -- I was acting and he was playing hockey.

To reflect changes in the Canadian Criminal Code, the Fredericton Rape Crisis Centre became the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre in April 1994.

In 2005, the provincial action plan “A Better World for Women – Moving Forward 2005-2010” was announced with sexual assault awareness and service delivery across the Province as a central component of this action plan.

This meeting was called to deal with the concerns of local university and high school counsellors, the Fredericton Women’s Centre and other citizens to establish the need for a resource group that could respond to sexual violence.

I'd probably have waved the white flag a few times by now if it weren't for the strong convictions both my husband and I have to live our lives for the Lord. I read a lot of books on marriage -- the bible, by Dr. You MUST prepare and work at marriage because the initial tingly, butterfly feelings only last as long as things are good.

Must be honest, down to earth, good sense of humour, takes pride in appearance, likes to get dressed up for a night on the town or just cuddle up on couch to watch movies. Let's face it, everyone has their own ideas as far as attraction and chemistry goes.

Hi there, I am a funloving, good natured, kind, compassionate, 5'3 lady. I like to bowl, play darts, walks through the woods, interior decorating, spending time with my friends, softball, camping, cuddling on the couch with someone special and fun. I am 5'4, blonde, hazel eyes, fit, and very attractive. I love to cook, entertain (and be Im a 37 years old oryoung, single, french woman, independent financially and recently moved to Fredericton.

I'm thankful for all the growth experiences life's challenges have given me, no matter how bleak they seem at times. When the going gets rough, you need to know how to react ahead of time!

Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre began in the summer of 1975 from a Chimo Help Centre meeting.

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