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Viewers slam BBC Breakfast host's 'cringeworthy' interview with Sir David Attenborough who gives her short shrift when she quizzes him over meeting the Queen...

before asking him: 'Why are butterflies so colourful?

Was mit dem Ziel begann, antiquierte Geschlechterrollen beim Daten aufzumischen, ist heute eine Bewegung, die zu mehr Selbstbewusstsein und Selbstverständnis führen soll – beim Daten, Netzwerken, aber auch wenn es darum geht, neue Freundschaften zu schließen.

Dank Bumble ist es inzwischen nicht nur notwendig, sondern normal, dass Frauen den ersten Schritt machen.

This is supported in the writings of John Pershing who fought with Sergeant Conley and the 10th on Kettle Hill and later led the American Expeditionary Force during the First World War. This nickname was given to the “Negro Cavalry” by the Native American tribes they fought; the term eventually became synonymous with all of the African-American regiments formed in 1866: 9th Cavalry Regiment, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 24th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Regiment. On September 6, 2005, Mark Matthews, who was the oldest living Buffalo Soldier, died at the age of 111. Tired and hungry, their bright blue Army-issue blouses tattered and wet from rain and snow, the men of the 25th Infantry Regiment reached Alliance, Nebraska, on July 4, 1897.

Because these soldiers served before the National Park Service was created (1916), they were “park rangers” before the term was coined.A lasting legacy of the soldiers as park rangers is the Ranger Hat (popularly known as the Smokey Bear Hat).Although not officially adopted by the Army until 1911, the distinctive hat crease, called a Montana Peak, (or pinch) can be seen being worn by several of the Buffalo Soldiers in park photographs dating back to 1899.In September 1867, Private John Randall of Troop G of the 10th Cavalry Regiment was assigned to escort two civilians on a hunting trip. The two civilians quickly fell in the initial attack and Randall’s horse was shot out from beneath him.Randall scrambled to safety behind a washout under the railroad tracks, where he fended off the attack with only his pistol until help from the nearby camp arrived.

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