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See the Bulgarian phrasebook for a pronunciation guide, while this external page [8] has a different take and examples of the confusing but rarely used cursive forms. The day Bulgaria celebrates its liberation from 500 years of Ottoman domination (1393-1878). The day the two parts of Bulgaria, Principality of Bulgaria and East Rumelia (autonomous in the Ottoman Empire) were reunited.

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Being located close to the Turkish Straits means the key land routes from Europe to Middle East and Asia pass through Bulgaria.It's best to turn to the young population for a direction or advice in English. Methodius (826-884), who created the Cyrillic alphabet.Older Bulgarians who grew up in the Communist era are more likely to speak Russian. A beautiful holiday - with lots of flowers, music, and joy. There are big celebrations, especially in the main monasteries, with icons being paraded by the monks.Temperate on the coast; mild autumns, cool winters, mild springs and warm and breezy summers.Mostly mountains with lowlands in north and southeast; highest point : Musala 2,925 m Bulgaria's territory was inhabited by the Thracians (famed for their gold-making, fierce warriors, and the gladiator Spartacus) for thousands of years before being conquered by the Roman Empire and later the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire.

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