Flash 8 datagrid updating flash remoting cfc

Macromedia recommends using the set Default Gateway URL method to specify the URL of the gateway that you use in the Flash MX authoring environment.Doing so lets you test your Flash Remoting application directly in the development environment, without having to change your code when you deploy your application.Because of its built in support for Flash Remoting Cold Fusion has always been an excellent choice for powering Flex applications, but with the recent release of Cold Fusion 9 and upcoming releases of Flash Builder 4 and Cold Fusion Builder, Adobe is looking to re-define how developers create data-centric applications.

While this requires a small amount of programming on our part, the code generation features in Flash Builder 4 make this a fairly simple task.

Queries then had to be converted to arrays of value objects in Cold Fusion before sending the data to Flex.

Flash Builder 4 replaces this time consuming work flow with the new client side data typing feature.

Most Cold Fusion developers work with queries, while it is much more productive to work with collecitons of specific object types in Flex.

In order to pass strongly typed data from Cold Fusion to Flex, developers previously had create value object components in Cold Fusion which were then mapped to corresponding Action Script classes in Flex.

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