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Truly, it has been a great ride to witness, and it is a great loss to lose it.While we're sorry to close the doors, we look back with a very big smile at what we all accomplished in those 17 years together.

We have enjoyed serving your gaming needs over these past 22 years and thank each and every one of you for being a part of our journey.

if you delete the mailbox before the mail man comes and gives you bills, the mail man wont even come to your house. (you can put it in when the first baby bump arrives too). social_debug: You can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it. max Motives - Makes every Need except for the Environment bar maxed out for every Sim on the lot!

unlockcarerrewards : unlocks every thing to do with jobs ! familyfunds(family's last name)9999999 : gives you ,999,999 that lasts like, forever! and to get more cheats copy and pats the website below.. Good for right before you propose to someone or try for a baby.. int Prop censor Grid Size 0 - Removes the blur for when your Sim takes a shower or goes to the bathroom and those sort of things.

We thank everyone who participated for making the Game Community one of the best on the internet.

It served as a meeting ground, a help platform, a playground, a private place to converse with like-minded individuals, and a staple for so many over the years.

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