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Laura interrupted and said something like, "Your son blew it. He can't go away to college, he can't realize any of his dreams, because he has to stay and support this child.

He should have thought about that before he acted so irresponsibly! For Schlesinger, personal responsibility is always suffused with blame and harsh judgment. Don't get me wrong-even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and sometimes a confrontation with parents who are unable to control children or with people wrapping themselves in feelings of victimization and entitlement is just what the doctor-a real doctor-would order.

Millions of people call her show for advice on coping with a wide range of marriage, parenting, career, and personal problems.

She is strident in asserting the importance of stay-at-home parenting, abstinence until marriage, not living together before marriage, and the proper treatment of husbands and wives.

The pleasure came from the attention and care she imagined getting as his grieving widow.

In her experience, it would take an extreme trauma to earn her the right to be taken care of and freed of responsibility for even a short time.

When a black woman called and complained about her white husband's friends' use of a racial epithet, it was like throwing meat to a hungry dog. The good doctor mocked and humiliated the caller by repeatedly saying the offensive word in question. Laura's cheerleading for the worst of the right wing social agenda, but the mass appeal of her blame-the-victim mentality. People apparently resonate with Schlesinger's repetitive attacks on anyone "needy" enough to ask for help, or special consideration.

If you're a teenage mother and go to work, don't let Schlesinger know that you leave your child at a daycare center or, as Schlesinger calls them, "day orphanage centers." If you can't stay home with your child Schlesinger believes you should give him or her up for adoption.

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If your husband beats you, it's probably your fault. In the middle of this very sad story, filled with pain on all sides, Pretend-Dr.In short, she wants everyone to be their kids' mom and their husband's girlfriend.Her direct, no-nonsense, straightforward approach with callers can either be very helpful to you in dealing with your dilemma, but it can also be characterized as abrasive, firm, and sometimes even rude.Whether a result of neglect, parental values, or chance events, such beliefs are extremely common.In order to adapt and survive, we all make a necessity into a virtue.

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