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He concludes that there are certain traits men can possess that women are genetically hardwired to be attracted to.

De Angelo explains how women can't help but be attracted to certain qualities such as wealth, power, fame, looks, exclusivity, and personality because of the emotions they elicit.

For me, he has two very important ideas to contribute: knowing that attraction is not a choice, and maintaining a cocky/funny attitude.Jump in a forum, blog, or conversation where people discuss the secrets of making friends or attracting the opposite sex and you’ll hear the unanimous piece of advice echoed like ancient wisdom.I’ve received many emails and comments on articles like What Women Want in Men saying, “Forget everything.The first part of the book is mainly about the attraction process within women. You see, feelings, not logic, determine whether or not a woman will feel attraction toward a man.The feelings she experiences and associates with the man will determine her level of attraction for him.

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