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One of the more popular techniques for fighting malware among home users is through the use of a host file for DNS redirection.

A host can be used to maps hostnames associated with malware to a different IP address (such as a loopback address,

Make sure the file is located in the same working directory as the file or add the full path to the file (such as /etc/namedb/local or /etc/bind/local).

For example, the following entries in the local will add the domains "coolwebsearch.com" and "gator.com" to the local DNS server (The full list can be downloaded HERE): (The directory /etc/namedb may need to be changed to /etc/bind, /etc/named, or deleted altogeter depending upon your system.

In most instances of bind, there are two files of interest: the master config file (called on most machines) and the "zone" file associated with each administered domain (usually called something like "dns").The DNS server, beleiving it is an "authority" for the that zone, will answer the query instead of querying another dns server for the answer.The desktop receiving the answer doesn't know that the ip address received is not "valid".A list of domains that are known to be used to propagate spyware and malware are listed in Bind and Windows zone files.The domains are loaded onto an internal DNS server.

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