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The ancient world had many great writers, many of whose works are beginning to be rediscovered by archaeologists and scholars.The Dead Sea Scrolls revolutionized the study of the history and religion of ancient Israel, and old Apocryphal books have opened new doors for those who study the Bible.He doesn’t debate whether the great fish was a whale or not, he just simply assumes the story is true.Though I’ve heard men preach on Jonah, I’ve never seen them find the goldmines of truth in this book that Maoz has found.Some of the greatest of these ancient works are the writings of Flavius Josephus. He was of aristocratic, priestly origin and, after spending a brief time in an ascetic Jewish sect, became a Pharisee. 64, Josephus was sent to Rome to act as a negotiator and secure the release of several Jewish priests.

When Josephus returned to Judaea, the Zealots shook off the control of Rome and set up a revolutionary government.If you are one of those people who rarely reads a “devotional” book, this one is entirely different.Baruch Maoz, an experienced Israeli pastor for over 40 years of ministry, does not get diverted by speculations or technical details, but simply expounds on the Word of God in the book of the prophet Jonah.The mention is short, just one line, but it supports the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth “who was called Christ.” Josephus was not a Christian, yet he wrote about events that were incredibly important to Christians: the life and death of John the Baptist, the existence of Christ, the growth of early Christianity and the fate of some of the apostles.The descriptions of these events as written by an outsider show Christians a new perspective on familiar stories.

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