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The radiant for this shower is near the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra (chart here), which rises in the northeast at about 10 p.m. May 5, 2018, before dawn, the Eta Aquariids This meteor shower has a relatively broad maximum – meaning you can watch it the day before and after the predicted peak morning of May 5.

This shower favors the Southern Hemisphere, and is often the Southern Hemisphere’s best meteor shower of the year.

In 2018, moonlight will obscure the Delta Aquarid’s nominal peak in late July. The Delta Aquarids will still be flying at the moon-free Perseid meteor shower peak in early August.

By all reports, the 2017 Geminid meteor shower – in early December – was amazing.

About 10 to 15 meteors per hour can be expected around the shower’s peak on a dark, night.

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As with all meteor shower radiant points, you don’t need to know Perseus to watch the shower; instead, the meteors appear in all parts of the sky. Perseid meteors tend to strengthen in number as late night deepens into midnight, and typically produce the most meteors in the wee hours before dawn.

Because the radiant is fairly far to the north on the sky’s dome, meteor numbers will be greater at northerly latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.

April 22, 2018, before dawn, the Lyrids The Lyrid meteor shower – April’s shooting stars – lasts from about April 16 to 25.

But the new moon on August 11 means a dark sky for the August Perseids, one of the best showers for the Northern Hemisphere, and some Delta Aquariids will surely still be flying then.

The 2017 Perseid meteor shower peaked in moonlight, but that didn’t stop Hrvoje Crnjak in Šibenik, Croatia, from catching this bright Perseid on the morning of August 12, 2017.

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