Dating sales techniques

But for the moment just consider delivering these phrases in a voice that is deeper and slower than normal.

At the beginning of a course: Imagine for a moment that this was a great course and you have learnt all the things you need to.

Some time out in the future you might look back towards now and see this as the start of something great, perhaps you have ), logically you might get a sense of the good feelings you will have.

Now, I don’t want you to think of these results as something that happens magically just because you are focused, keen and getting involved in this course.

A conversation is a two-way process and needs you to respond to the verbal and nonverbal signals of your client.

Do this in a way that makes them feel good and you create friends for life.

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These examples are written very tightly and written as a monologue.

In a live environment I would be building all of these scripts into a flow through a conversation with more padding and some interaction with the subject.

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