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Take off your shoes when you're entering her home: Ukrainians do not usually walk in their homes with their shoes on. You may be given a pair of slippers upon entering her home. You will return the honor by making the second toast.If not, take off your shoes and remain in your socks to avoid bringing dirt into the house. Kissing to depart: She will usually kiss you one to three times on the cheeks as a form of wishing you well as you depart.Consider a phone call if you live far and cannot travel to see her and her parents.She may think it's not necessary to ask her parents for her hand, but do make the offer. That is, singles from other countries who have settled in Ukraine. This makes it possible to find English speaking women living in Ukraine on the site.Give her compliments to let her know how much you appreciate her.

If she does not make any effort to learn your language, it most likely means she does not take your relationship serious.

Do not brag about the money or material things you have.

But be watchful: if she asks you too early to buy her something very expensive, she might only be interested in the material benefits she will be getting from you.

What you have to do is find out the view of the particular Ukrainian woman you're dating, when it comes to sex.

Ask her parents for her hand: This is an old Ukrainian custom which is still very important, especially when the woman lives with her parents.

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