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Lee Hyun Woo is awesome in To the beautiful you, I hope he will have better drama, I don't like the two latest drama, those were not really his best work, esp the liar and his lover, the writer is just pure dumb. me fall in love with you.......i am dying to see you.. You are truly an angel sent from heaven:) You have a killer smile.makes you cute and look younger on your age..i though you are only 18 y.o...i love your acting in moorim in your next drama project...goodluck ...figthing!!!! I hope you become more successful than u r right now and that u achieve even more than more than what u have now..... When I watch first episode it feelis like Joy is acting with Gdragon, Hyunwoo is kind a bit mix of Joohyuk, Gdragon anf T. P idk everytime It's his screentime I'm screaming like a goat because it feels like Gd is doing a drama ㅋㅋㅋ! This current drama is definitely one I will be waiting buy for myself... The first thing I saw with you, was "To the beautifull you" and i fell in love with your acting. Having watched you in several dramas so far I have to say I'm impressed with the way you handle each role and I look forward to seeing a lot more of you in future works. I loved Moorim School so much I bought it so I can watch as often as I like. :) i hope you will role in a movie like "Northern Limit Line" again, such a great movie based on true story~ and i love all of your drama, aaah i can't move on since moorim school and now The Liar and His Lover.. he's a good actor..looking forward to your drama lovely love lie... and i was surprised that i was not the only one who said that he is better than min ho.. I love your dramas specially the "The Liar and His Lover." I love your voice, acting skill, and of course your smile. my god what a acting really i will impressed for u I really love your work. Anyway he is a really good actor but the thing is even when he is trying to act serious he looks so cute and you can just stare at him rather than his acting. i just read the other comments comparing his acting to min ho.. I think he is doing a good job of living up to the Nakatsu character standards Nakatsu character= the guy you love and want to be happy and end up with the girl, but you know he isn’t going to. S- I keep think about how much he looks like Hong ki i really love you oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look forward to watching them grow as actors in future roles. Me and my ma watch and discuss Korean dramas( or argue).I belong to caste A, my boyfriend belongs to caste B. None of our parents are OK with an inter-caste marriage. Our parents take the reactions of their relatives and neighbours way more seriously than our feelings. Not happy, but happier, than making any other choice. People facing pressures from their parents are usually young people just starting out in their careers.

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ooooi,hai prince lee hyun woo really u cute smile face iam in india at tamilnadu . saw him in my first korean drama "queen seondeok" for the first time that time I was 17 and said "wooo he so cute *-* after years I have seen him in "to the beautifull you" then I am 21 and my reaction was the same "wooo he demn cute" x D after found out he is little yushin x D yaaa! and Hua Yang Shao Nien Shao Nu i preffer taiwan version for the female character Ella Chen able to show a real man character with her natural image as tomboy..... He looks so much like Hong Ki the entire time i was was watching "To the Beautiful You" i could not put my finger on who he looked like. you're my super crush oppa *^_^* you're so awesome ..

Oppa...u r the best actor i have ever can light this whole world...u can make the hard core tough girls (like me) squeal like idiotic fan girls.....ur acting is AMAZING...fighting LEE HYUN WOO Congrats on your new drama, moo rim school, so happy to see you, you are a good actor, but am not happy when I learned that your drama will be cut short, due to misunderstanding between the producers and kbs. in the film To the Beautiful You're charming're super spectacular enchant me're way too beautiful and bisto that ... When I watched the movies/dramas with you in it I really like how you portray your role you're a really good actor. I'll be watching your future movies and I hope by that time you'll win the heart of the girl. back there ,,just keep up and your good at acting!!!! Great smile ~ i would give him the same nickname as Daesung from Bigbang... he lights up the screen with his innocence and energy. SARANGHAMNIDA LEE HYUN WOO OPPA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're too cute and you're really awesome.i admire u so much;))i hope we met im hoping for that day to come:)) you are so cool.i like you:) saranghae.shotomate, can you please add me at my facebook?

XD ❤ He's so adorable and he always looks happy in that episode! You're so adorable, so carefully skilled on your role. .your so adorable i first saw you on Master of Study and your so kawaii!! Just watched "Equator Man" and enjoyed Lee Hyun-woo's character, he did a beautiful job of acting in his role. First saw him in "Return of Iljimae" and knew then that he would be a star. His character in this drama was played to perfection! keep trying hard, i'm sure that you'll be the next shining star of South Korea.

I hope I get to see you in some more Korean shows soon!! Has anyone noticed how actor Lee Hyun Woo looks so much like actor No Young Hak. They are two of the most talented young actors I've seen so far. which equals= wish he was the one who got the girl=3= but i cant rewrite what has been put down, just comment two thumbs up for awesome acting^-^ Hi Hyun woo you are really amazing and great actor eventhough your are still at the young age.. I hope I can meet u, I realized u haven't make any new Drama series and Movies yet. i hope you will understand my comment...i always see you at KBSW master of study.was good and so coo L:)i hope you will reply my comment ,if you can't it's okey i understand.i now that you are so busy right???

Lee played general Yusin as a young man in "Gye Baek" and actor No Young Hak also played Yusin in "The Great King's Dream". We came to the conclusion that the way he played his part in "To the Beautiful You" caused a "too" likable character. And,youre an awesome dancer in God of study/Master of Study:) Add me in Facebook.

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