Dating for mensa

This is because our cultural pattern calls for women to marry “up” and men to marry “down.” So a male M may be satisfied with a wife who is dutiful but dumb, whereas a woman cannot abide a husband who is less intelligent then she is, because she cannot regard him as “manly” or trust his decisions. Education without intelligence is wasted, while intelligence without education can be a menace.

But only 10% of American women are even college graduates.

We naively thought that now everyone would love and admire us. A person with a high IQ is a deviate – just as much as a retardate or a transvestite.

No longer would anyone say that we were the stupid ones. In business relationships where power and status are important, being intellectually superior is definitely an advantage.

And usually there is a good reason: either appearance, neuroses, or lack of desire for marriage.

Now, the probability of a chance meeting of any two Mensa-qualified people is only two out of a hundred.

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But if we attempt to conceal our feelings, then the normal person says we are aloof, supercilious, and uncommunicative.We must withhold certain feelings and thoughts simply because we know from experience that the other person is not capable of understand them or reacting to them wisely.The Mensan in the normal world is like an adult in a world of children.If we perceive that the other person does not understand a subject, then there is no point in pretending to discuss it with him as an equal. But when the other person has some smattering of knowledge about the subject, he is highly resentful toward anyone who makes him feel stupid.If a normal person is generally capable, and is accustomed to having his opinions respected, it is a rude shock to find himself in the presence of a person who suddenly makes him feel inferior.

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