Dating a love shy man

The best way to show you value humor is to laugh at his jokes, but I always try to crack a few jokes myself, too.

Guys are drawn to girls with a funny side, and there’s nothing that draws two people closer than sharing a laugh.

People always tend to look my way more often and gravitate toward me when I’ve got a smile on my face! Boys are drawn to girls who are sweet and don’t gossip, so keep cattiness and snotty comments to yourself around your new guy. Flirt Some of my friends used to think flirting was beneath them, but I’m telling you – it works.

Guys just love to be showered with attention and treated like a king.

For instance, I touch his arm lightly when I’m laughing at a joke, or I’ll slap him on the knee playfully if he says something funny, or I’ll touch his hand while I’m explaining something. Bring Him a Treat The old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach isn’t just an old saying for no reason- it’s totally true!

Even those these old tricks might seem tried and true, they’re tried and true because they actually work! Be Different Trying to be unique and different is a way I’ve always tried to interest guys.

So, I don’t talk about all those same old topics, like school gossip.

Ask him about how he feels about current events or newsworthy stories and show him you’re worldy! Be Witty As I said before, guys like a girl with a sense of humor.

When my husband and I were first dating, I left a bag of treats in his locker before every football game. My advice at this point is to give him his freedom, and that will send him right back for more.

In my experience, if any guy every got the impression that I’d try to tie him down, he’d be gone lightening fast.

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