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You realise, when you're nearing (or long-passed) the fourth decade of your life, you should probably be able to feed and nourish yourself, and maybe a handful of friends of family once in a while.To avoid future embarrassment, we asked a handful of top chefs what dishes they think people should master by the time they are 30 - or should try to catch up on if they’ve passed that milestone.

Although the society recommended Alexander Dalrymple as leader of the expedition to the South Seas to observe the transit of Venus, the Admiralty chose Cook, promoted him from master to lieutenant and gave him command of the Endeavour Bark, 368 tons.

One minute you’re 18-years-old and it's acceptable to barely be able to whip up egg on toast and beans.

Then next, you're hovering around 30, have a bunch of adults in your living room and are serving them wine in stained mugs and dishing up a badly planned, charred roast dinner.

In 1755 Walker offered him a command, but instead Cook joined H. Back in England late in 1762 he married Elizabeth Batts (1742-1832?

) of Shadwell, but soon returned to the Newfoundland survey, in 1764 winning his first command in the Grenville.

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