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"The officer is forced to make a decision: Do we delay the truck and thousands of small packages to inspect them?That would take a whole day." The officer must figure out what to do with that truck with almost no information, no advance notice, and a thick pile of paper to work from, he said.Here's an overview of the different publications and departments you can apply to: The Daily Bruin is the student newspaper at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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A WCO working group in December of 2017 issued a proposed framework for standards for cross-border e-commerce, including simplified customs processing, new legislative frameworks, and requiring advance electronic data, among others.The surge in cross-border e-commerce activity is straining the operations of world customs authorities that are processing millions of international packages shipped to consumers with systems and procedures designed to support business-to-business commerce, experts say.World Customs Organization (WCO) Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya highlighted those challenges earlier this year when he spoke of e-commerce's rapid growth bringing a "tsunami of small packages to the doorsteps of customs administrations and other regulatory agencies around the world." The consequences of this rising tide, which shows no sign of abating, was discussed at length late last week at the 22nd Annual Northeast Trade & Transportation Conference produced by the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT)."Low value does not mean low risk," said Amy Magnus, director of customs affairs and compliance for customs broker A. Many of the orders fall below the importing country's value thresholds and thus don't require the filing of formal entry documents.Because of that, information provided to customs agencies is minimal, and in many cases, no advance electronic notification is required, she said. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), this situation has created a number of challenges, Magnus said. Without access to detailed information, such as the full Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) commodity identification code, or the identity of the buyer—which may differ from the consignee—in advance of a shipment's arrival, agencies are hampered in their efforts to target suspicious shipments, she said.

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