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And like an inclandestine first meeting with the future love of your life, Evert had likewise let the whole tennis world know that there was a new girl in town.From this first appearance on the scene, Evert would thrill crowds in stadiums across the globe with her perseverance, bravery, and perfect court demeanour, which set a standard of placing personal integrity on par with the value of winning in defining the heart of a champion.Original source caption: Chris Evert defeated Russia’s Olga Morozova, 6-0, 6-4, to win the women’s singles title, and Jimmy Connors blasted Ken Rosewall of Australia, 6-1, 6-1, 6-4, to cop the men’s crown–giving America the top prizes in the Wimbledon tennis championships.Chris and Jimmy, shown with their trophies after Connors’ victory 7/6, planned to wed on Ft. July 6, 1974 Wimbledon, England, UK But by early 1976, all bets were off.Chris once distilled the ‘killer instinct’ to its basic roots, defining it simply as “feeling that, at that moment, there is nothing in the world more important than winning the next point.” Having a father be the local teaching pro, with constant access to nearby tennis courts and sibling players to hit and compete with, was the first stamp of destiny in the Chris Evert story.But certainly the second was in going to a tennis clinic given by Maureen Connolly (the Chris Evert of her era) when Chrissie was just 10 years old.They shared the Champion’s dance and made headlines about “The Love Match” the world-over with their wedding engagement announced for October.Then, the fairytale engagement was called off, although they did stay together and became re-engaged.

The time (and separate world travel) necessary to reach their goal of being world champion competitors demanded a sacrifice, and in this case, it was each other.Jimmy Connors was the first to reach the heart of the champion, becoming engaged to Chris in the Winter of 1973.Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors were young, attractive, in love, and both at the top of the tennis world, each winning the respective men’s and ladies’ Wimbledon 1974 Singles crowns.“Chris was the only young one on the tour.” It was certainly her age, but more so her resolve (and all the upsets she caused!) that catapulted young Evert into national public awareness.

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