Channing dating tatum

Although Channing has a tight grip on Jenna with some tension in his fingers that suggests something might be off - particularly since he shoves his whole left hand in his pocket, a sign he's hiding something - "physical closeness projects emotional closeness," Cobb says.

"And there's no air between them.""Candid shots aren't posed or scripted, so they can give you a barometer reading of what's really going on," Cobb says.

She's off in the corner and she's like feeling herself." "She's free-spirited... During the chat, the 37-year-old also spoke about what was like to work as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson early in her career.

The brunette star, who was sporting a figure-hugging red Zac Posen dress, then got to her feet and tried to instruct host Jimmy on the choreography for Janet's 1989 song "Rhythm Nation".

Growing up as an athletic yet somewhat problematic kid, the ninth-grade boy then was sent by his parents to a military boarding school where he became actively involved in football and even earned an athletic scholarship to flourish his sports skill in West Virginia's Glenville State College.

"The subtleties of their body language changed," she in 2005 on the set of Step Up and began dating shortly after.

They got engaged in September 2008, married in July 2009, and had their daughter Everly in May 2013 before allegedly separating quietly several months ago." data-reactid="37"The couple met in 2005 on the set of Step Up and began dating shortly after.

"It's like they're saying, 'This is our moment,'" Cobb says.

Meanwhile, Channing uses both hands to bring Jenna toward him, and Jenna holds him around the waist.

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