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It unfortunate cousmer service doesn’t seem to be a priority with in this corporation.

Reply I was online looking at mattress from Mattress Firm.

perhaps you could use them at an upcoming location?

please email me at [email protected] Reply I have had not 1 but 2 unpleasant shopping experience with this company.

I learned many years ago that customers want quality, service, price and honesty. To look for a bed for my son we just started to look. And was going to take it with me so I could look it over. The lady said oh you leaving I said yeah we are gonna think about what he wants. Won’t be back due to rudeness and I was planning on purchasing 3 beds two with adjustable bases and one with box springs.

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Chris was my salesperson and he was nice and helpful.Answer 1: The phone number for Mattress Firm is (713) 923-1090. We took our lunch break today to go to the store at 2205 Mentor Avenue across from Target. When we asked about the special with the free base, he told us that we could pick out any mattress 9 or higher and it would include a free base. He did and it was heads up only base, but that was not big deal.I then asked him to show us other bases and he showed us one that would cost us an additional 00. You see the sales person yesterday never quoted me anything higher than an extra 0 for upgrading the base.As it was when we went in, the parking lot had one car in it — his. We don’t advertise but have a great stream of loyal customers.We don’t try to take advantage of them and make sure that they receive value added service. Guess they can’t spare an extra for me to take and look at.

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