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RETAIL and WHOLESALE, WE SHIP WORLDWIDE: We sell retail and wholesale from our occult store in Forestville, California, and we ship nationally and internationally to our many mail order customers.For your online shopping convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

And pictures of Freddie Highmore in white briefs and socks will be displayed on every corner as our troops march by and you cower in fear in your cages. They shoot 10 or more episodes in a week for each character. According to his IMDb page, the only thing Chandler has done outside of Days recently was a bit part in some movie that looks like it is headed straight to Lifetime.

FAITH-BASED PRODUCTS: In keeping with old-time conjure shop standards, we don't just make spiritual supplies; we pray over them and dedicate them to the needs of our clients as we craft them.

We also offer free candle dressing with herbs and oils on all mail-order or in-shop glass encased vigil lights and novena candles, and we coordinate with Missionary Independent Spiritual Church to schedule Tarot Card Readings and provide for the setting of prayer lights on the church petition altars for customers of the shop.

As for Chandler, he's another one -- what episodes did they submit for these two?

Chandler had the whole coming out process episodes which obviously got him the Emmy.

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