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As a result, Bree's parents told her to stay at Daniel's until they discussed with the Deacons further.Little did Bree and Daniel know that the Deacons would actually take her parents with them soon after.Bree explained that she had to undergo rigorous preparation for the Ceremony.She had a special diet, took iron supplements, received injections of a then undisclosed substance, learned the rare language of Enochian and practiced exercises and walking steps with her new helper Lucy.Her studies were quite advanced for a secondary education level.Bree posted her first video on June 16, 2006 on the video sharing site You Tube.

However, this is called into question in June 2016 when she appears in a new video where it's implied she survived the ritual. At age ten, Bree's family visited the Northern Territory of Australia.Bree had remarked in comments to her You Tube videos that she'd like to go back to public school.Bree loved learning, and was interested in astronomy, quantum physics, history, and evolution.Bree mentioned many times in her early video that she was homeschooled, but she also revealed that she had previously attended a traditional public school at least two times. In "Poor Pluto" Bree says that students made fun of her for asking too many astronomy questions in a science class.Her first school was in New Zealand, where she was removed after her parents witnessed a lack of discipline. They started calling her Stargirl and when she continued asking questions they suggested she was having a relationship with the teacher.

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