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And his wife, Elaine, may have best characterized the group's devotion to Caruthers in a journal entry made public last year. 4, 1998, she wrote that even Richard would be an outcast if he didn't come around to Caruthers' way of living.

"I have been learning to distance myself from Rick for so many reasons," she wrote.

"Before long, you're doing everything he wants." Bob Bonnell, the marketing director for Strongput, said Caruthers promised great rewards for followers, but dire consequences for the disobedient, while alluding to his supposed intelligence connections.

"He said, 'You're going to have a Jaguar [when Strongput succeeds]. But don't do us wrong, because the black van could show up at any time, and you know what that means," Bonnell said.

Twice he took a new wife before divorcing the previous one, and according to one, he was talking of being chased by space aliens by age 17.

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Those who followed his "training" would be saved from apocalyptic "earth changes." "The way he operates is, you break down one barrier of the way you live, and then he would have you break down another one," Dardick said in an interview with The Sun, long before he became an alleged murder target.

Also close at hand was friend and lawyer David Pearl, a look of adoration on his face.

Last Thursday, Caruthers, Pearl, Lashra and Naedek were together again, this time in more humble surroundings.

Three hundred guests glided among ice sculptures and spreads of lobster and caviar, while a dance band played late into the night.

Caruthers arrived in a limousine with a woman on either arm - wife Dashielle Lashra on one side, live-in companion Dulsa Naedek on the other.

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