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This cemetery is located in Bedford County and is referred to as "The Mountain Cemetery". These eight cemeteries represent the current "Bedford Municipal Cemeteries".Only Longwood, Fairmont, Oakwood and Greenwood are active and only Greenwood and Fairmont have spaces available for sale.Longwood Cemetery served as the town's cemetery until the early 1800s.Oakwood Cemetery was added just prior to the Civil War and was developed on the grounds to the south and east of Longwood Cemetery. Over five hundred Civil War soldiers are buried in the cemeteries.A private family cemetery was relocated to construct the water reservoir for the new water plant.

The older cemeteries feature a diverse amount of marker designs that are in square plots representing individual family plots.Fairmont was expanded by adding Sections Two and Three. Longwood, Oakwood and Fairmont served as the town's cemeteries until the fair grounds were developed as cemetery property in the 1940s. Sections One and Two were opened after completion and section Three was not opened until 1985.Section Four of Greenwood Cemetery was opened in July, 1997.All maintenance was performed by surviving family members.The markers from that era are some of the best examples of cemetery art available (the regulations on the types and variety of monuments and markers were few if any).

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