Azerbaijan sex

Azerbaijan has been used as a transit country for victims of sex and labor trafficking from Central Asia to the UAE, Turkey, and Iran.Within the country, some children, particularly those of Romani descent, are subjected to forced begging and to forced labor as roadside vendors and at tea houses and wedding facilities.The government reported that it convicted five traffickers in 2013, compared with 12 in 2012.The government did not report sentencing information for trafficking cases.

Women from internally displaced persons settlements and street children—children released from correctional facilities, orphanages, and state-run boarding schools who end up homeless—are especially vulnerable to trafficking.

The qualitative and quantitative assessment of the skewed sex ratio in Azerbaijani population undertaken by UNFPA Azerbaijan CO in close cooperation with the State Committee for Family, Women and Children’s Affairs represents the first initiative exclusively dedicated to exploration of mechanisms behind this phenomenon.

It is expected that the findings of this research will enormously contribute to strengthening respective advocacy strategies with the Government partners, civil society and other allies to address the problem of the skewed sex ratios in Azerbaijani population.

Women and children from Azerbaijan are subjected to sex trafficking within the country and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Russia, Iran, and Sweden.

Some migrant workers from Turkey, as well as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Romania, India, and Ukraine are subjected to conditions of forced labor in Azerbaijan.

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