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An Oriental man had strolled out of a store with a vice, placed it in the trunk of a tan 1980 Honda Prelude, and disappeared before he could be detained.Arriving police encountered a Chinese puzzle of sorts.While the suspect was being questioned, police ran a check of the Vehicle Identification Number on the Prelude.A DMV print-out said the car belonged to Paul Cosner, a resident of San Francisco.When he was arrested for shoplifting at age 15, his father sent him to Bentham Grammar boarding school in Yorkshire, England. Marine Corps Ng enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in early 1980, but after serving less than a year he was dishonorably discharged for theft of heavy weaponry and machine guns from MCAS Kaneohe Bay.

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He was sentenced to four and half years in a Canadian prison. He stood trial in 1998 on 12 counts of murder and was convicted on February 11, 1999, of 11 murders - six men, three women, and two male infants. Ng's trial was lengthy and cost California approximately million.

Meanwhile, the dead man's Oriental accomplice -- the man who had actually stolen the vice -- had escaped unscathed.

Before it was over, and in the wake of civic uproar, he would manipulate a dotard legal system beyond anyone's wildest imagination. A fingerprint check revealed the overweight, bearded corpse was Leonard Lake, a San Francisco native born on July 20, 1946.

He removed a cyanide capsule from a secret niche in his belt buckle and swallowed it.

Rushed to the emergency room of the Kaiser Permante Hospital, he lingered for several hours and succumbed on June 6. Good riddance, some said, he had saved California tax payers millions of dollars in legal fees.

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