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He has provided holes for movement of earthworms between the two.

When he increases the moisture content in one, the earthworms move to the other for air and comfort.

He is also experimenting with the ability of fungi and algae present in tubs and other wet surfaces to decompose organic matter in small vessels.

The micro organisms multiply quickly, acting on organic matter (animal and plant wastes) and produce froth.

He has grown a live fence with trees like subabul and eucalyptus.He has applied this microbial solution on the farm to learn more about its effectiveness.The farmer maintains two adjacent vermicompost tubs and harvests vermicompost alternatively from each of them.Sivaprakasam’s future plans include practising a combination of permaculture and organic methods on a half acre experimental plot to explore the possibility of meeting needs of an average family from its produce. BALAKRISHNAN Putharam Farm, Nemam, Thirukkathipalli (via), Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.This farmer is the secretary of CAD (Community Action for Development) and believes that sustainable agriculture is the only way to stop the continuous distress sale of land by small and marginal farmers. Balakrishnan is an energetic and inquisitive retired engineer looking after part of the family land. He has planted a variety of trees and has plans to introduce many more.

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