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However, when she is a few minutes late checking out, they turn hostile and a member of staff picks her up then carries her out.Amy and her partner receive couples therapy from supermodel Chrissy Teigen. Amy goes to a clothing store, where she buys a skirt which is far too small for her, believing that she will soon lose a lot of weight.In August 2016, there was speculation that the show had ultimately been cancelled, despite the earlier announcement of renewal.

Amy stays at a fancy hotel where the staff are very servile to her.

Amy spends hours on the phone speaking to staff at a call center in order to try to solve her Internet connection problem.

She rows to India, where she shoots one of the call center's workers and herself in their heads.

Amy interviews a comedian about his interesting sex life.

Amy thinks she has the perfect boyfriend, but is unaware that he enjoys erotic asphyxiation. She wants him to watch Cocktail, but when she leaves the room, he watches Pitch Perfect.

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