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Of course there’s going to be tweaks as the project develops, but all of the base drafts and UI sheets for the first pre-alpha are eagerly waiting to be brought to life inside Unity. Ever wanted to name and theme areas of your park with custom signs and billboards? Much to the dismay of long time zoo building players, a lack of editable signs and decorations in past titles has been sorely felt.window on select decorations such as the vertical marina banner and the horizontal banner offer a range of bespoke graphical designs that can be swapped out by the player to better match their own park.It retains complexifying systems from older Shin Megami Tensei games — including varying demon loyalty and alignment, moon phase effects, and limited dungeon-crawling stamina — but balances these out with user-friendly, on-theme 'hacks' that let you customize the experience to suit your play style.

These can be toggled off permanently at any time, so rest assured that experienced tycoons don’t require unwanted help.Whilst quite basic in its material, this building will appease the majority of your creatures in its modest simplicity.Harkening back to real world zoos, the metal viewing platform is a staple of any park due to its ability to get guests up close and personal with extinct creatures without getting caught in harm’s way.Its Brave/Default system offers one of the freshest takes on turn-based battling we've seen in a long time, and makes leveling up the creatively varied Jobs — everything from Knights and Thieves to Ninjas and Vampires — a joy.The sequel, Bravely Second: End Layer, makes plenty of improvements, but we recommend starting with the first to enjoy them both to the fullest.

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