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experience clarity A National CPA Advisory Firm Peder Johnson Managing Partner 601.948.6700 Need a deeper understanding Our forensic examiners fraud investigators expert witnesses and valuation professionals can show you whats going on beneath the surface. Statement of opinions appearing herein are those of the authors and are not necessarily that of the Editor Officers or Board of Commissioners of The Mississippi Bar. I can definitely say that we police our own with a fair and balanced hand. I will not bore you with the many examples of committee work but to every member of these various committees thank you Likewise to our entire Board of Bar Commissioners thank you for your service We have seen great leadership and management come out of our General Counsels office. Material accepted for publication becomes property of The Mississippi Bar. Greenwood EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Larry Houchins Jackson EDITOR Sam Kelly Jackson MANAGING EDITOR Melanie Henry Jackson ADVERTISING MANAGER Krissa Dobbins Easley Jackson The Mississippi Lawyer is published quarterly by The Mississippi Bar 643 North State Street P. The right is reserved to select mate- rials to be published. We had the opportunity on all of these occasions to hear from the real bar people just like you and me. We first went to Cleveland second to my home town of Laurel where we visited area bars in Waynesboro Quitman and Bay Springs and finally to Tupelo and to more area bars in Pontotoc New Albany and Booneville.

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With hundreds of years of cumulative experience our experts have the in-depth knowledge necessary to guide you through complex issues. griffith street jackson ms 39201 601.925.7100 FACTS AND FIGURES OF SUCCESS GRADUATION MAY 2014 177 JD degrees 4 LLM degrees Mexico Philippines Afghanistan China JULY MISSISSIPPI BAR EXAM 2012 72 of 83 or 86.7 of MC Law grads passed overall 81.3 2013 76 of 89 or 85.4 of MC Law grads passed overall 86.2 ENTERING CLASS AUGUST 2013 159 JD candidates 64 Mississippi 36 out of state 56 undergrad schools 164 high LSAT 149 median LSAT 4.21 high GPA 3.30 median GPA 57 male 43 female 25 minority 2017000 awarded in merit scholarships to entering students 4 LLM candidates Mexico Philippines Afghanistan China CLASS OF 2013 EMPLOYMENT 9 MONTHS AFTER GRADUATION 79 42 private law rms 25 13 government 24 13 seeking employment 20 11 business 14 9 judicial clerks 10 5 graduate degree 6 3 public interest 1 1 not seeking employment LAW CENTERS Bioethics and Health Law Litigation and Dispute Resolution Business and Tax Law Family and Children Public Interest Law International and Comparative Law LAW PROGRAMS Juris Doctorate degree J. As you can see these opportunities have truly been an honor for me.

Harlow President of The Mississippi Bar 2014-2015 Continued on next page 8 Spring 2015 The Mississippi Lawyer Ole Miss Law graduation just recently.

I was much honored to be asked to speak at the Eugene M.

For those with young children or grandchildren the Convention really caters to their needs and fun.

We welcome our State and Federal judiciary which will both have a very strong presence at the Convention.

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