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A driving ban shall typically be imposed in cases of a conviction under section 315c(1) No 1(a), (3) or section 316 unless a disqualification order has been made under section 69.(3) If a driving licence is to be kept in official safekeeping or the driving ban to be endorsed on a foreign driving licence, the duration of the ban shall be calculated from the day that those conditions have been complied with.Any period during which the offender was kept in detention in an institution pursuant to an order of a public authority shall not count towards the duration.table of contents Section 45Loss of ability to hold public office, to vote and be elected in public elections(2) The court may deprive a convicted person of the ability indicated in subsection (1) above for a period of from two to five years if the law expressly so provides.(4) At the same time the loss of the ability to be elected in public elections takes effect, the convicted person shall lose any corresponding legal positions and rights he may hold unless the law provides otherwise.

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Section 15Intent and negligence Section 16Mistake of fact(2) Whosoever at the time of commission of the offence mistakenly assumes the existence of facts which would satisfy the elements of a more lenient provision, may only be punished for the intentional commission of the offence under the more lenient provision.table of contents If at the time of the commission of the offence the offender lacks the awareness that he is acting unlawfully, he shall be deemed to have acted without guilt if the mistake was unavoidable.Read on to see which free dating apps made our list.Thinking about spicing up things in the bedroom with your next date?Section 45a Entry into effect and calculation of duration(2) The duration of the loss of ability or of a right shall be calculated from the day the term of imprisonment has been served, barred by the statute of limitations or remitted.If a custodial measure of rehabilitation and incapacitation had been ordered in addition to imprisonment, the duration shall begin on the day that measure has been served.

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