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These 90-minute tours are designed to support in-class lessons with a dynamic gallery experience that will leave participants feeling enlightened and inspired!Book a tour today by filling out the online form or call 204-789-1290 for more information.Indigenous Identity in Contemporary Art (5-12) Many contemporary artists use their art practices to engage in themes of activism, resistance and identity.

Created by EAL teachers and art educators these tours offer groups the opportunity to practice a variety of literacy skills while simultaneously expanding their knowledge of Canadian culture, history and identity.

Explore how Inuit oral traditions and stories continue into the modern day in the form of art in various media.

Reflections • How can art both reflect and influence culture and identity?

Art Explorers • Explore exciting collections of historic masterworks and have fun deciphering the story behind the pictures. Discover contemporary art by First Nation, Inuit and Métis artists and explore a worldview specific to Canada and its First Peoples.

Living Traditions & Stories in Inuit Art • Visit the WAG’s famous collection of Inuit art to learn about life and culture in the Arctic.

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