Active directory sharepoint user validating

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The simple enrollment process involves selecting preferred challenge questions from an available list of questions or adding self framed challenge questions like 'what is your mothers maiden name', 'what is the color of your car' or any other question which the domain user feels specific to him and will challenge any other unauthorized user from detecting his/her password identity.

Any domain user can perform a password reset or account unlock once enrolled with the password reset tool by answering the validation questionnaire.

(Check out my recent previous posts about validation in Share Point forms: Parts One, Two, and Three.

I’ve posted about many other bits and pieces of this over time as well.) Greg Osimowicz explains this in a post entitled Share Point Forms date validation using Java Script with reference to Edin Kapić‘s post entitled Add Java Script Date Validation into List Item forms.

The above are few examples of the routine password queries that administrators and delegated help desks have to face which can be eliminated by using ADSelf Service Plus - Self Service Reset Password Management Solution.

Schedule reports on soon to expire passwords and also notify users by email.

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