Accomodating female

Author Lionel Shriver has said literary prizes just for women are "problematic", while calling International Women's Day "creepy" at an event to mark the occasion.

The 2005 Orange Prize winner also said it would be more "meaningful" for her to win the Man Booker Prize than the Women's Prize for Fiction.

In fact, they avoid engaging in any behavior that would appear womanly.

And conversely, this ensures that women, the “weaker sex,” can rarely gain positions of genuine power, influence or authority because they can never surpass the most powerful societal entity: a man. Because they are pressured to feel weaker, they are also pressured to fulfill that role by altering their bodies and minds.

"I think this comes from the fact I don't think of myself or feel in myself a particular gender.

To me my experience is not as a woman it's in relation to other people." She went on to say there was something "very creepy" about International Women's Day in itself, the implication being every other day is Men's Day.

Meanwhile Shriver added: "I don't find writing as male and female characters a very different experience. The mistake would be thinking yourself into a male characters mind is any different than being in your own head.

The differences that are going to matter have nothing to do with what's in your pants," she said.

Have you ever wondered why you were too afraid to do something you wanted because you were nervous about what people would think?You just get back into a state where it’s invisible and what women think and experience gets lost all over again.” There have been mixed views to Shamsie's response to gender bias oversights within the industry.One of the reasons behind Shamsie's proposal, however, are statistics showing men are more likely to be asked to judge literary prize panels, and men in turn are more likely to recommend "yet more men", resulting in a "triple bind", according to Shamsie.It’s the reason girls are dressed in pink and encouraged to play with dolls, and the reason boys are discouraged from dressing up as princesses for Halloween and pressured instead to wrestle and play with trucks.Gender socialization is the source of throwaway phrases like “Boys will be boys” and “Don’t be such a girl.” A UNICEF article about early gender socialization says, “Boys are told not to cry, not to fear, not to be forgiving and instead to be assertive, and strong.

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