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In addition we: When calling Crisis Services 24 hour hotline, you will receive an automated menu of options to choose from to direct your call efficiently to the right program service.

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Responds to Every Kind of Problem Samaritans hotline has responded to over 1 million calls since the New York center was established in 1983.Chautauqua County Residents can reach us at 1-800-724-0461.Services include immediate crisis intervention, supportive counseling, information and referrals and connect with services if immediate on site intervention is needed to address the mental health crisis.The Samaritans hotline is also often used as a referral by clinicians and other mental health providers who seek a service that can provide clients who may be hesitant or resistant to utilize professional services with free and immediate access to (what they might consider) a less-threatening form of care and support than those offered by government agencies or other programs.The hotline’s anonymity and confidentiality also makes it a safe point of entry for those people in distress who have not utilized support services in the past or have fears about providing their personal information. Samaritans completely confidential 24-hour crisis response hotline, staffed by professionally trained volunteers who have responded to over 1 million calls, provides immediately accessible ongoing emotional support to those who are in distress or suicidal.

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