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If you’ve had a bad day do you snap at your partner when you get home? When was the last time you went out with your girlfriends? Being with your partner 24/7 is a toxic habit that can only end badly!Today, Chris Luna returns to our show and we talk systems and patterns.I was happy to announce to myself and the world that I was done grieving. I was open for business, ready to love and be loved again. I think I was done in her eyes after I tried to get her to split the dinner bill.As it turned out, I never did find a long-term mate from these three searches. Dealing with the weirdness, the uncertainty, the fear of rejection, all helped grow me as a man. I was about half way through one date when my date literally ran away from me. After I got over the shock of her running for the bus I laughed myself silly. I used to schedule dates for a whole evening with women I hadn’t even met.If the frozen smile on my face fell off it would’ve cracked the table in two.♦◊♦That’s when I finally got sensible. Lots of women are going to be clever and funny as hell on email. I also made damn sure I had an unbreakable appointment right afterward. I made hard and fast rules: No, I won’t exchange emails with you other than to exchange phone numbers and work out logistics for getting together. But the bulk of your relationship will not consist of phone calls and emails. – check him out at How do you feel about the people who walk around projecting happiness – and yet inside, they are just sad, and down trying so hard to show they are happy…but are not.Often times these folks search out a coach – anyone to help them. Watching You Tube for hours on end does not make you a coach, does not even qualify you to give advice.

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Airfare Sales "Bottom line: Airfare sales tend to occur early in the week. Travelers who have a favorite airline would do well to sign up for any company email newsletters, since these advertise member-only deals and discounts.If you want to succeed in life, you HAVE to commit to the process.Chris is a great person to show you how to do that.No, I won’t talk with you more on the telephone beyond our one first call and some brief getting to know you preliminaries. (If it does, well, you need more advice than I can give you.) Nothing is as important as someone’s presence. Popular methods include purchasing a significant span of time beforehand, during the destination's off-season and at the last minute.

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